When it comes to the installation of lock installation and repair services for hotel brands, residences, and commercial companies, there is no bigger name in the business other than Prolockrepair.com. They are a lock repair and installation company that understands the importance of providing proper security for guests and take pride in helping hotels and motels set up reliable security systems.

Before getting into the business of repairing and installing locks, Prolockrepair.com was known as Experior Builders, and they mainly worked as licensed building contractors. When they saw the overwhelming need for tech support, installation, and repair services for residential and hotel locksets and access controls, they decided to quit the construction business and completely transform themselves into a lock repair and support company.

Prolockrepair.com then started providing major hotel chains and private residences across the country with spare parts, services, repairs, and even brand-new locks and mechanisms, each time the property owner wanted to get something done without reaching out to the original lock manufacturers themselves. One of the biggest advantages of using Prolockrepair.com for all your lock and access control servicing needs is that you do not need to purchase entire lock mechanisms, as you would have to do with official manufacturers, rather you can simply purchase the part you have need for, and even get them to come install it for you.

If you are looking for a reliable seller for lock parts that can also help you with door locks services, installations, repairs, and general services, there is no organization better than Prolockrepair.com. They specialize in providing products from major lock brands such as Onity/Tesa, Kaba Ilco, and VingCard, and they provide a range of electronic lock parts such as control boards, solenoids, and batteries.

Most of their electronic door lock repairs for hotels and motels are done using pre-used parts, and they come in at the average cost of $65 per lock. You can even purchase new parts for your locking mechanisms for an additional cost. Prolockrepair.com ensures that all of their repairs and installations meet the industry standard to bring you the best quality in lock repair; to ensure this, they even have a 30-day guarantee period.

All you need to do to avail of their lock repair services is head onto their website, click on the lock repair link, fill out the form you are directed to, and ship the lock that needs repairing to their service center in Livingston, Tennessee. Prolockrepair.com also offer buyback options; where if you are upgrading your hotel/motel or residential locks and have a lot of equipment that you cannot get rid of, Prolockrepair.com will buy all the old locks and equipment from you or even provide the equivalent discount rates if you are buying new mechanisms from them as well.