As a hotel business owner, you should know that the security system in your hotel determines the safety and privacy of your guests, as well as your business reputation. One of the important aspects of good hotel security is the installation of heavy-duty door locks manufactured by leading brands such as VingCard.

Without such highly-functional and reliable door locks in each room, you may be risking your guest’s privacy and security, which can seriously damage your reputation. So it is crucial that you install heavy-duty door locks in every room and keep them in optimal condition using the vingcard locks manual for reference.

To make sure that you’re mitigating any risk of your hotel security system being compromised, here are some situations where you should consider replacing your VingCard hotel door locks.

You Just Moved Into A New Premise

If you move to a new premise while expanding your hotel business, it’s always best to replace the VingCard door locks to all your rooms to ensure security. Even if you are handed all the security codes and assured that they are not shared to any other party, it is safer and more cost-effective to take no risk. Always remember that safety and security is the one department you should never skimp on.

Attempted Break-in

The least thing you want happening in your hotel premise is a break in. Not only does it threaten the safety of your hotel guests and staff, but it also implies that the perpetrator has figured out a way to bypass your security system, and that is an unambiguous call to replace and upgrade your hotel door locks. Even with an unsuccessful break-in attempt, you should still consider replacing the particular VingCard door lock as consequences of the attempt can damage the lock, making it unreliable. While a Vingcard encoder troubleshooting device may potentially be able to fix these problems, it is safest to get the lock replaced.

You Haven’t Replaced The Locks In Years

Hotel door locks, even those manufactured by the best companies such as VingCard, wear out after repeated use over time. And as they wear out, their inbuilt mechanism deteriorates, making the whole door lock system less reliable. Depending on the manufacturer, model, and environment they are used in, the service life of door locks vary, and you can always check this with the manufacturer or on the Vingcard service terminal manual. Once they have passed their service life, you should consider replacing your hotel door locks at the earliest.

You’ve Done a Renovation

Have you done a room repair or renovation and handed a spare card to your contractor? If that is the case, it is safest to replace the door lock with a new unit. While this is no suggestion that your contractor could be a potent suspect to a break-in, you don’t want to live with the fact that your door lock card has left your premises multiple times without your knowledge and supervision. This can create opportunities for someone with the wrong intention to clone your RFID Card even without the complicity of your contractor, and get access to the room.


The safety and security system of your hotel business should be your number one priority, and should never compromise when it comes to using the best security equipment. If you have experienced the points mentioned above you should consider replacing your door lock system without hesitation.

At the same time, that should not mean it has to be an exponentially expensive investment. is a place where you can find heavy-duty, high-quality, new and used hotel door lock systems at incredibly affordable prices. Contact us and tell us your needs and we will provide you with the best solutions.