With the constant change and growth in technology every day, each industry has had to adapt and evolve with the times, simply in order to be at par with their competitors and, more importantly, to provide their customers with the best possible products in any particular field. This demand for updated technology is especially present where security is concerned.

The world has gone from simple key locks to RFID locks for doors that can be accessed through keycards, key fobs, and wristbands. Since accessibility is so important these days, most manufacturers make their RFID locks with technology that allows them to be controlled, accessed, and managed through smartphones.

Large lock manufacturers are making secure mechanisms in order to provide their customers with optimum security, be it in residences, corporate offices, or even hotel rooms. It is important to note, however, once the locks have been purchased, it is very difficult to repair or install them by yourself due to the complexity of the mechanisms today. Usually, some expert experience is required to do the job correctly, and reaching out to the manufacturer is not always an option.

When buying locking mechanisms and access controls in bulk from manufacturers, you are not guaranteed any additional aftermarket services, which are necessary for technical products such as digital locks and access controls. Though most manufacturers so provide services for repair and installations, it can get a little difficult to reach out to them if they are somewhere across the country and are not able to get technicians to you in time. Organizations such as Prolockrepair.com come especially handy as they provide all the services you might need for your locks and access controls, in addition to allowing you the purchase the mechanisms from them in bulk as well.


When it comes to the installation of locks and access controls for major hotel brands, residences, and commercial companies, there is no name bigger than that of Prolockrepair.com. They were previously known as Experior Builders and mainly worked as licensed building contractors, but when the overwhelming need for tech, service, installation, and repair support for locks and access controls called to them, Prolockrepair.com took the plunge. They then started providing major hotels across the country with parts, services, repairs, and locks, each time the property owners wanted to get something done without reaching out to the manufacturers of the locks themselves.

If you are looking for Onity HT24 parts from a reliable seller that can help you out with installations, repairs, and general services as well, there is no better organization than Prolockrepair.com. Through them, you can purchase a variety of specific Onity lock parts rather than buying the entire mechanism from the manufacturer each time you need to make repairs or replace a part. You can even purchase the Onity HT24 Wall Reader separately for &520 for a new one or &285 for a used version of the product.